Friday, August 03, 2007

the wait before

outpouring '07 will be here before i know it and yet the wait is driving me crazy. so much already done, so much more still to do. every time i am involved in a big event, i always wonder will it come together? it always does.

usually not without a fiasco, and this time is no different. all i will say is SHIRTS. not going to go into it, but it is stressing and a little bit funny at the same time.

student leaders are working hard on this. vids are almost ready. worship schedules is set. Blake did a great job with it. art work is all good. small group curriculum is all set and the jengas are coming in. still got to finish games and decorate.

then, just wait for the people to come in. and whoever you are, wherever you are. if you are coming we've been praying for you. every week on Wednesday, a group has been praying for you.

next week at this time, we will be preparing for the final day. can't wait.

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Jeff said...

I feel the same way with outpouring. I can imagine that you are totally more stressed than I am. I just dont feel right till like the night it starts and even then I only feel like fully satisfied when its totally done and everything has gone smoothly