Tuesday, February 27, 2007

the best heroes yet

if you are not aware, heroes is a tv show on nbc that's story continues week to week and is unfolded with each episode, much like 24. the show is formed around the idea of, "what if we discovered humans who had superpowers?" it could be likened to a live action comic book. in fact stan lee creator of characters such as spider man, had a cameo last week.

last night's episode 17 has been the best of the season. most of the episodes leave you with many more questions than answers and you almost feel as though there is no climax. it is not your traditional cliffhanger ending, but you are left wanting more, just unsure that you know anything more than previously.

last night questions were answered, much of the backstory was told, we found out the truth about bennet, claire, the haitian, we found out more about primatech papers, and saw some well done special effects for a television show.

i applaud the efforts of this show. it took a risk entering the tv market this and has been successful at creating a world of superheroes.

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